What’s the Weather Like In Quebec City and What Should I Bring to the EAIA Annual Meeting?

The EAIA Annual Meeting May 13th  thru May 16th in “Quebec City, Quebec, Canada is just a few weeks away!  We hope you’re coming.  The last day to get the special room rate at the Hotel Ambassadeur is April 13th, so if you haven’t made your reservation please do it soon.  The phone number for the hotel is 1-800-363-4619, the e-mail address is info@hotelambassadeur.ca and the website is https://www.hotelambassadeur.ca/.  Make sure to mention the EAIA Annual Meeting and the confirmation number 220102.  The room rate is $104 Canadian per night. 

Entrance to Fort and Museum in Old Quebec City
Entrance to Fort and Museum in Old Quebec City

We’ve got a great program set up for you and we guarantee you’ll have lots of fun.  So you might ask what’s the weather like in Quebec City in May?  Well, here’s what you can expect:  average daytime temperatures of between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Night time temperatures of between 38-50 degrees Fahrenheit.  So bring a moderate weight jacket or a good sweater.  The old city of Quebec sits high on the bluffs overlooking the St. Lawrence River so it can be breezy at times.  A good windbreaker and a pair of sunglasses are also a good idea.

Mural Old Quebec City
Mural in Old Quebec City

Here are a few other things to bring:

1.  Your passport or passport card.  It’s always a good idea to make a photocopy of your passport or passport card in case they get lost.  It will expedite replacement of the passport or passport card if you lose it.

2.  Use your credit card to pay for items as much as possible.  That way you’ll get the best exchange rate on a daily basis.  Recently the U.S. dollar has been doing very well against the Canadian dollar with the rate of the $1.oo Canadian being worth $.80 U.S. dollars  That will make your hotel stay, restaurant costs, and incidentals less expensive.  A good time to visit Canada!  Some credit card companies charge an extra fee for foreign transactions, but others don’t.  So call you’re credit card company, let them know you’ll be in Canada and ask about the foreign transaction fee.

3.  Bring a “Whatsit”.  A “Whatsit” is any tool that you can’t figure out.  On Thursday evening we’ll gather for some great Quebec Regional desserts as we ponder the mysteries of the Whatsits that our members bring.  Sometimes we figure them out, sometimes we don’t.  But we all learn something, have some fun and enjoy great desserts and companionship while we’re at it.

4.  Bring an item or two for the Silent Auction.  In the past handmade items, old tools, books, etc. have been very popular and all the money raised goes to support EAIA.  Whatever your item brings is deductible on your Federal taxes, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

5.  For those of you who know some French you may want to brush up on your French a bit.  But don’t worry, everyone we’ve met in Quebec City spoke excellent English.

6.  Enjoy some local cuisine.  The regional dish of Quebec is poutine, an interesting culinary concoction  that came about in the 1950’s.  I’ll leave it to you to find out what it is and give it a try!  Quebec City is a culinary delight full of marvelous restaurants that will please anyone’s palate.

6.  Bring your camera!  Quebec City and the surrounding region is full of beautiful scenery.


We’ll see you there!


Paul Van Pernis

Old Quebec City
Old Quebec City
Old Quebec City
Old Quebec City


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