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Baby Walkers

Excerpted from The Chronicle, Vol. 23, No. 1, March 1960 by Edward Durrell Perhaps you could not call a baby walker a tool but it certainly isn’t a toy and I am sure in the pioneer days, when baby sitters were many miles away and mother needed both hands, both feet, and a good head …

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The Black Arte

From The Chronicle Volume XII, No. 1, March 1959 by Eloise Stedman Meyers When you broil that juicy steak over a charcoal fire in your backyard, have you ever thought what an import­ant part this black vegetable fuel played in the history of this great country? Without charcoal we might even now be paying taxes …

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The Bath Tub Hoax

From The Chronicle Vol. 2, No. 5, June 1938By Joseph E. Sandford [Mr. H.’ L. Mencken, to whom I sub­mitted the following article for his com­ments, has written me as follows: “So far as I am concerned you are certainly quite free to print the enclosed. I have read it with great interest and amusement.”] …

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Wooden Water Pipes

Excerpted from The Chronicle, Vol. II, No. 3, January 1938; no author credited Prior to about 1820, pipes for con­veying water, both in this country and in England, while sometimes of stone, were usually of wood. The Bank of the Manhattan Company, chartered as The Manhattan Company, in 1799, primarily for the purpose of construct­ing …

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From the The Chronicle Volume XIV, No. 4, December 1961 by Charlotte Woodhull Judging from accounts of the home life of our early ancestors, they were not particularly fastidious about laundering. Their garments, furthermore, were not usu­ally made of washable materials. Considering the scarcity of implements for the job and the crudeness of those a­vailable, …

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