Special Tours at Plimoth and Heritage Museum

SPECIAL NOTE: As of 2/12/13 the Long Gun Tour has been filled and EAIA is not able to add additional registrants. The public gallery of antique firearms will be available for viewing to all attendees during their visit to the museum for those who are not able to be a part of the special tour.

As part of this year’s meeting there are several optional tours available during EAIA visits at both Plimoth and Heritage Museum & Gardens. Please be aware that these tours require registration and are limited in size. These extra tours at Plimoth have an additional fee, while those at Heritage Museum & Gardens are available at no other cost. You can register for these tours online or by mailing in your registration. The sooner you register, the sooner you secure your place in these tours!

Plimoth Plantation Special Tours on Thursday May 16th. Three concurrent educational sessions will be available, with up to 50 attendees in each session. There is a $10 per person fee for each session you attend. You may choose to attend up to two of the three sessions (add selections to cart separately below). You must sign up in advance and registration is first come, first served.

  1. Building of the Elizabeth Tilley — led by Peter Arenstam, Captain of the Mayflower II. This tour will be a behind-the-scenes tour of the Marine Shop and offers an opportunity to view the reproduction of a small sailing vessel used by Plimoth Colony Pilgrims.
  2. Nail Making in Early Plimoth — led by Mark Atchison, a colonial artisan, this tour will discuss and demonstrate the techniques used to produce nails in Plimoth.
  3. Plimoth Plantation and Re-Created Technologies — led by Dr. Karin Goldstein. Learn how Plimoth Plantation uses the technology , natural materials, and skills employed by the men and women of the 17th century to recreate Plimoth Plantation.

Heritage Museum & Gardens Special Tours on May 17th. Two sessions of the following special tours will be available at no additional cost to participants. Space is limited, and advance registration is required.

  1. Long Gun Collection Tour — WAITING LIST ONLY as of 2/9/13. Led by Jennifer Madden and Dan Cullity, this tour will allow you to go behind the scenes to view the Heritage Museum’s  collection of American long guns with a firearms expert. Limited to 20 participants in each session. Participants will need to be able to climb a flight of stairs.
  2. Guided Auto  Gallery Tours — Go behind the scenes with the staff that maintains Heritage Museum’s amazing collection of early American automobiles.  Limited to 30 participants in each session.