EAIA Links


Auction Specialists

Barry Hurchalla
Brown Auction Services
David Stanley
Great Planes Trading Company
Martin J. Donnelly
Tony Murland Tool Shop Auctions



Astragal Press
Roy Arnold Books
Fine Tool Journal
Toolemera Press


Craft & Tool Organizations

Artist-Blacksmiths Association of North America
Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia
Mid-West Tool Collectors Association
Missouri Valley Wrench Club
Plumb Bob Collectors Association
Rushlight Club International
Society of Industrial Archaeology
Society of Workers in Early Arts and Trades
The Tool Group of Canada
The Tools and Trades History Society
Timber Framers Guild of North America


Local Tool Collector Groups

Antique Tools & Trades in Connecticut (ATTIC) (No website available)
Collectors of Rare and Familiar Tools Society (CRAFTS of NJ)
Hudson-Mohawk Antique Tools and Trades Association
Long Island Antique Tool Collectors Association
Ohio Tool Collectors Association (OTCA)
Pacific Northwest Tool Collectors (PNTC)
Potomac Antique Tools and Industries Association (PATINA)
PAST Tool Collectors
Rocky Mountain Tool Collectors (RMTC)
Richmond Antique Tool Society (RATS)
Southwest Tool Collectors Association (SWTCA)
Three Rivers Tool Collectors Association (No website available)
Western New York Antique Tool Collectors Association (WNYATCA)


American College of the Building Arts
Bahr’s Mill
Colonial Williamsburg
D’Elia Antique Tool Museum
Genesee Country Village
Landis Valley Museum
Hagley Museum
Historic Bethlehem Partnership
Historic Deerfield
Mercer Museum
Mystic Seaport
National Watch & Clock Museum
Old Sturbridge Village
Shelburne Museum
Winterthur Museum
Upper Canada Village

Societies & Associations
Historic Vehicle Association
Society for Industrial Archeology
Preservation Trades Network