EAIA’s Fiber Arts Interest Group

What is this group? Well it is a group of like minded folks who are interested in the fiber arts and their tools they use. The idea of creating this group was thought up by myself and Gwenn Lasswell at our last EAIA Annual conference in Quebec City. Gwenn and I and several other usually get together at our annual conference and talk about our weaving, knitting, spinning, quilting and or other fiber art activities. We realized there are many women and men who are EAIA members who enjoy doing and learning about the fiber arts and the tools used to create these handmade items. So why not create a specialty group for this.

Weaving by Pam Howard
Weaving by Pam Howard

Lots of my EAIA friends knows that I am a weaver, spinner and dyer and I just love collecting textile tools like old scissors. EAIA member Florence Feldman Wood is a spinner and weaver who has specializes in old and unique spinning wheels and writes a publication called The Spinning Wheel Sleuth. Gwenn Lasswell is a knitter, spinner and a weaver who is interested in learning more about all of this. So why not get together and compare notes!

Rug Hooking by Pam Howard
Rug Hooking by Pam Howard

In Quebec Gwenn and I announced that we were collecting members names to include in this sub group. Our goal, is to collectively create a data base of interesting fiber related articles to publish in the Chronicle, Shavings and on our EAIA web site. We can, at our annual conference organize a time and place where this group could meet and share ideas, techniques and demonstrate our specialties to one another. Gwenn and I thought that since next years EAIA conference will be at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village we should get this group organized. I have been to Pleasant Hill and it has a rich history in fiber. What a wonderful place to start!

Natural dyed and hand-spun yarns by Pam Howard
Natural dyed and hand-spun yarns by Pam Howard

This group is open to all members who are interested in the fiber arts and the tool used. We are wanting to include all weavers, spinners, knitters, quilters, rug hookers, embroiders and basket makers. Did I forget a group? Just let me know if you want to be a part of this and send an email to me, Pam Howard – chestnutoakfibers@gmail.com


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  1. This subject fascinates me. I am a hand and machine knitter, and spinner. I seem to attract old tools and machines, all of which I try to restore to use (including sewing machines). My only complaint is that there is so much to do and not enough time.
    Can I follow your posts without being an EAIA member?

    1. Hi Kate,
      Sure anything on the public website here, including the posts, is free for you to watch and follow and comment on.
      Having said that it sounds like you might really love being a member as the EAIA publications and events offer a lot more information and get you in touch with lots of other like minded folks. The publications alone offset the modest dues but the other events make a great group to be a part of.
      If you want to learn more about membership you can find out more here:
      Take care,
      -Bill (EAIA Web Master)

  2. I would like to participate in the Textile group. Can you share more information with me? I am sort of a textile jane of all trades…

  3. To those who are interested in the EAIA’s Fiber Interest Group contact me, Pam Howard, at chestnutoakfibers@gmail.com. The Fiber Interest group is a part of the Early American Industries Organization. We are in the organizing stages and I will know more of our focus after we meet at the EAIA annual meeting, May 18, 19, 20 & 21, 2016 at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village. This group encourages weavers, spinners, knitters, dyers, basketmakers, quilters, felt makers and collectors of textile tools. This is only a short list…there is so much to the Fiber Arts!!!

      1. Jane

        That is why we are doing this…I think there are a lot of textile enthusiasts in our organization. See you soon!!


  4. I’m very excited about the gathering of members interested in fiber arts. Textiles, both utilitarian and decorative, have had a place in human history since the begining. The “thread” has been evident everywhere EAIA has gone. I look forward to sharing our varied interests at Pleasant Hill and many meetings to come.

  5. I am the curator for the Mazomanie(WI) Historical Society and we are currently working on a new exhibit to open Memorial Day weekend, “A Sampling of Needlework and Textiles. Our society is a member of EAIA. The cornerstone of the exhibit is an 1838 large sampler made by Sarah Coldwell who would have been about 15 years old if the date is the year she completed the sampler. Her family moved from England to WI and lived in our area and some descendants still live here. Our exhibit is truly a sampling of needlework with knitting, crocheting, spinning, tatting and embroidering including Hardanger. quilting and rug making and more. Read more about our society at http://www.mazomaniehistory.org. The past 3 newsletters include information related to this exhibit and a current newsletter will be on the site very soon. I would like to be included in this group and receive any information you can share.

    1. Hello Rita

      We have a Facebook page called. Early American Industries Association Fiber Interest Group. If you send a friends request I will add you. You can also keep up with the group by coming to the annual EAIA meeting, check the Shavings and the EAIA website 😀

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