EAIA Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Dana B. Shoaf     President
Sally A. Fishburn    1st Vice-President/Treasurer
Vacant   2nd Vice-President
Jane Butler   Secretary
John H. Verrill       Executive Director   executivedirector@earlyamericanindustries.org

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Membership Committee

Chair (Unfilled)
Pam Howard 
Bob Zoni

Denise Richer
Donna Page

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Meetings & Programs

John H. Verrill/Dana B. Shoaf  2020
Dana Shoaf, Sally Fishburn, Jane Butler, John Verrill  2021
Jane Butler, Sally Fishburn 2022

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Publications Committee/The Chronicle & Shavings

Louise Muse   Chair
Patty McLeish
Gwenn Lasswell
Dan Miller
John Verrill

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Endowment Fund Committee

Noel Poirier  Chair
Pat Lasswell 
Bruce Van Hart
Paul Van Pernis

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Research Grants

Heidi Campbell- Shoaf  Chair
Carrie Blough
John Verrill
George Lott
Karl Schmidt

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Awards Committee

Dan Semel  Chair
Suzanne Bacheller
Jane Butler
William McMillen

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Nominating Committee

Denise Richer Chair
Paul Van Pernis
Chris Bender
Thomas Elliott

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Website Committee

Keith Lehman Webmaster
Dana Shoaf
Donna Page
Paul Van Pernis

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