The Plane Table

Surveying is about the measurement of land and its surface. Cartography is the creation of maps based upon measurements of the earth. Typically, in the past, they were two separate operations, with the measurements were recorded in a field book with distances, direction bearings or angles and then plotted onto a drawing or a map. …

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Synopsis of Events

  A Synopsis of the Workshops, Lectures, Demonstrations and Tours to be held on Friday May 17, 2019 at the Early American Industries Association’s Annual Meeting. General Information – This summary is intended to serve as an adjunct to the Annual Meeting registration form you have received in the mail or that is available here …

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Spin Cycle

As Pam Howard and I continue to expand the Fiber Arts group of EAIA we came up with idea (well, Pam did but agreed enthusiastically) to spin, knit and weave some wool yarn from scratch and include the products in the annual EAIA Silent Auction at the upcoming meeting at Old Sturbridge Village. Mark your …

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Files and Sandpaper

Excerpted from The Chronicle Vol. 1 no. 13, September 1935 By L. L. Thwing It is unlikely that we shall ever see a file dating back to the 18th century. or that a claim for such age could be substantiated. Files are, however, very old, and it is claimed that certain chipped flints were intended …

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Nailed It!

This link came from member and awards chairman Dan Semel. If you have something you’d like to share, please contact us with the pertinent information. Thanks! EAIA Member Richard Jones of New Zealand spent many years as a joiner and building renovator. He started collecting nails over 38 years ago, and is still actively collecting …

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EAIA’s 85th Anniversary Annual Meeting Was A Great One!

After over a week of heavy rain, the skies began to clear on Wednesday morning May 23rd in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania just in time for the tailgating activities in the Comfort Suites University Hotel parking lot, signaling the start of EAIA’s 85th anniversary Annual Meeting. It didn’t take long for the rather vigorous tool sales to …

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