‘Pianos of his own Manufacture’ – Wesley Whitaker, Raleigh, N.C., 1788-1858

Excerpted from The Chronicle Vol. 65 no. 4, December 2012 by Maria V. Shevzov Since the early 1920s, a piano labeled by a local craftsman, Wesley Whitaker, has stood in the North Carolina Executive Mansion, built in 1891 as a home for the state’s chief executive. Tours of the Executive Mansion routinely show the piano, …

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By John Verrill, Executive Director, Early American Industries Association One of the pleasures of working in the EAIA office is getting frequent requests to identify tools whose purposes are unknown to the inquirer. We call them “whatsits” for obvious reasons, i.e. “what is it?” I have several sources in the office to look through including …

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‘The Clogmaker’

by David G. PerchReprinted from The Chronicle Volume 28, No. 4, December, 1975 One afternoon late last spring, I had a chance to experience a once-­in-a-lifetime sight. For two hours I watched a Dutchman go through the steps of making wooden shoes by the same method and using the same tools as those illustrated in …

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‘Beekeeping Exhibit Open at Shelburne Museum’

This article is excerpted from The Chronicle, Volume X, December 1957 An exhibit of old-time beekeeping equipment i now open to the public at the Shelburne Museum in Shel­burne, Vermont. This collection of old and rare bee­hives and apiculturist’s tools is being sponsored by the Vermont Beekeeper Association in cooperation with the Museum. Fifty-five different …

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‘The Greenwood Gift to The Smithsonian Institution’

By C. Malcolm Watkins, Associate Curator, Division of Ethnology, U.S. National MuseumReprinted from The Chronicle, Volume IV, January, 1951 Of special interest to members of the Early American Industries Association is the Greenwood Gift to the Smithsonian Institution. This comprises a collec­tion which illustrates the arts and living habits of rural Americans prior to 1830. …

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