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We are nearing the end of summer here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is hot, humid and we suffer from occasional showers and downpours which seem to run right off. But September is right around the corner and then we will begin the progression to a new season and we hope progress on …

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By John Verrill, Executive Director, Early American Industries Association One of the pleasures of working in the EAIA office is getting frequent requests to identify tools whose purposes are unknown to the inquirer. We call them “whatsits” for obvious reasons, i.e. “what is it?” I have several sources in the office to look through including …

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A Collection of American Implements

From The Chronicle, Vol. 1. No. 12, July 1935 by William B. Sprague Author’s note – The publication of the following article in Old Time New England in July, 1933, contributed in such large measure to the birth of our Association that, in response to many suggestions and requests, it is hereby reprinted by the …

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From the The Chronicle Volume XIV, No. 4, December 1961 by Charlotte Woodhull Judging from accounts of the home life of our early ancestors, they were not particularly fastidious about laundering. Their garments, furthermore, were not usu­ally made of washable materials. Considering the scarcity of implements for the job and the crudeness of those a­vailable, …

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