An X-ray of a Dovetail Joint, & Letters and Comment on Puzzle Mallet

Excerpted from The Chronicle, Vol. 30, No. 2, 1977 by Christopher Tahk While the skill of a joiner is evident in the quality of his cabinetwork, it may also he apparent in the tools he makes for his own use. In the Cabinet­maker’s Shop of the Farmers’ Mu­seum, New York State Historical As­sociation. Cooperstown, New …

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Butter Churns

Excerpted from The Chronicle, Vol. II, No. 10, June 1939 By William S. Sprague A churn has been defined as “a ves­sel in which milk or cream is agitated to induce the separation of the oily globules from the other portions” (B). Herodotus (circa 484), writing of the Scythians, says: “These people pour the milk …

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EAIA Today

We are nearing the end of summer here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is hot, humid and we suffer from occasional showers and downpours which seem to run right off. But September is right around the corner and then we will begin the progression to a new season and we hope progress on …

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Baby Walkers

Excerpted from The Chronicle, Vol. 23, No. 1, March 1960 by Edward Durrell Perhaps you could not call a baby walker a tool but it certainly isn’t a toy and I am sure in the pioneer days, when baby sitters were many miles away and mother needed both hands, both feet, and a good head …

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By John Verrill, Executive Director, Early American Industries Association One of the pleasures of working in the EAIA office is getting frequent requests to identify tools whose purposes are unknown to the inquirer. We call them “whatsits” for obvious reasons, i.e. “what is it?” I have several sources in the office to look through including …

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