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Durer martyrdom sapr woodcut 1

Tools in Art: Albrecht Dürer

by Anonymous, reprinted from The Chronicle, Volume XXIV, No. 4, September 1971 Appropriate for the Christmas season we thought we would take a religious theme. The way the artist has depicted factual evidence has...


‘The Cork Cutter’

by William B. Sprague Reprinted from The Chronicle Volume 1, No. 7, September, 1934 Cork-cutting, according to Rivington ( 1827), was “one of the blackest and dirtiest of trades, and not very profit­able either...


‘The Clogmaker’

by David G. Perch Reprinted from The Chronicle Volume 28, No. 4, December, 1975 One afternoon late last spring, I had a chance to experience a once-­in-a-lifetime sight. For two hours I watched a...