Historic Trades

A Collection of American Implements

From The Chronicle, Vol. 1. No. 12, July 1935 by William B. Sprague Author’s note – The publication of the following article in Old Time New England in July, 1933, contributed in such large measure to the birth of our Association that, in response to many suggestions and requests, it is hereby reprinted by the …

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“Another Tool Classification” (Burglar’s Tools)

By Harry Baer Reprinted from The Chronicle, Volume XVII, No. 3, September 1964 We are all normally accustomed to thinking of tools as implements wholly beneficial to man’s wel­fare. Unfortunately, this is ndt always true. Tools used for a positive purpose have been, and can be, used for a negative purpose. It may, therefore, be …

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‘Beekeeping Exhibit Open at Shelburne Museum’

This article is excerpted from The Chronicle, Volume X, December 1957 An exhibit of old-time beekeeping equipment i now open to the public at the Shelburne Museum in Shel­burne, Vermont. This collection of old and rare bee­hives and apiculturist’s tools is being sponsored by the Vermont Beekeeper Association in cooperation with the Museum. Fifty-five different …

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Ben’s Mill

This post comes our way from board member Sally Fishburn, http://www.safishburn.net/ Sally’s company, S.A.Fishburn, Inc. is dedicated to helping individuals (home owners, municipalities, non-profits, etc.) maintain the historic spirit and materials of their buildings though hands-on preservation, consulting, and design work.-Marc Sitkin For years, well, for over a decade, I was involved with Ben’s Mill …

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Justus Traut’s “Bull-nozed” Convertible Block Plane

In an April 2017 blog entitled “Justus Traut’s Bull-Nose Plane” I discussed a delightful little bull-nose plane from the Stanley Model Shop that was the product of Justus Traut’s inventive prowess (See Figure 1). The plane is based on patent No. 291,815 granted to Traut on January 8th, 1884(See Figure 2).   I wrote at that …

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