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We came, we were busy, we saw and learned a lot, and we had a great time! That pretty much sums up the 2019 Early American Industries Association’s Annual Meeting in Lowell, Massachusetts.  After a Spring filled with rain and cold weather the clouds finally broke, the sun appeared and tailgating started in earnest on […]

Spring at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village! Come Join Us!

Brethren's Bath House at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village

EAIA’s  2016 Annual Meeting at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village on May 18th thru may 21st, 2016 promises to be a meeting filled with Shaker culture, architecture, crafts, and history.  If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time to join us at this beautiful venue just a short distance from Lexington, Kentucky in the heart […]

An Important Philadelphia Windsor Chair Discovered in Atlanta

Frontal view of chair

By Herb Lapp I occasionally make Windsor chairs.  Last year I completed a commission to make some fine and broken eighteenth century pre-Revolution Philadelphia Windsor chairs for the American Revolution Center that is being built in Philadelphia.  I have studied hundreds of old Windsor chairs at museums all around the Delaware Valley; that research has […]