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The Membership Committee would like to thank all the Annual Conference attendees that agreed to be POC’s (Persons of Contact). Over 3,000 rack cards were distributed. This means from CA to the UK and from TX to Nova Scotia bundles of EAIA informational rack cards will be placed in museums, antiques stores and local Historical Societies. Be a part of the fun, email to receive a bundle of rack cards to distribute in your area.

Ten Years of Tom Elliott's Remarkable Drawings

Ten Years of Tom Elliott’s Remarkable Drawings

My name is Ross Gibson, along with my wife – Debbie, I am the current Chair of the Membership Committee. Thirty years ago I learned about EAIA from a brochure I found at my favorite old tool haunt…Joy’s Antiques in Little Britain, PA. I joined out of curiosity, stayed a member because of the stellar Chronicle articles, and now I promote EAIA because of the wonderfully unique fun-loving thirsty knowledge seekers that make up this fantastic organization. Annual & regional meetings, the Shavings and friendships are all just icing on the cake.

Tell us your story. When did you join, how did you learn of EAIA, what is your favorite aspect of the group. Tell us all of your who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s and whys.