Month: November 2020

Saw Hammers

Excerpted from The Chronicle, Vol. XIX, no. 2, June 1966 By R.D. Morris The four hammers in fig. 1 are saw hammers and are often mistaken for file maker’s hammers. These, as well as some of the saw gauges in my collection, are from the J. H. Miner Saw Manufacturing Company, Lum­berton, Mississippi. Our last …

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Paper Barrels

Excerpted from The Chronicle, Vol. X no. 1, March 1957 by Laurence A. Johnson The pictures used in this article are from Mr. W. H. Murphy’s catalogue, entitled “CATALOGUE con­taining cuts of the Special Barrel Machinery used in the Murphy Patent Paper Barrel, office: 65 South Salina Street, Syracuse, N. Y.” This interesting glimpse into …

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