Online Silent Auction Items Needed

Mark your calendars for June 14-21 – this year’s EAIA silent auction will be online! But first, we’re looking for donations: projects you’ve made, antique tools, books – in short, items you think other members might love to add to their collections. (Donations may be tax deductible.) The deadline is June 11.

Because the items must be shipped (by you, and by the coordinator to the lucky winners), small or lightweight donations are preferred. Please send items to Jane Butler at one of the following addresses:

P.O. Box 487,
Antrim, NH 03440-0487


146 Francestown Road,
Bennington, NH 03442

And be sure to include your name and address so that we can properly thank you! Note: This is our only fundraising opportunity to defray the costs of postponing the meeting so we hope you’ll  be generous in your donations and your bids!

For more information about the auction (how, where, and when to start bidding), stay tuned to the EAIA Facebook page, and your email.


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