Month: April 2020

“Another Tool Classification” (Burglar’s Tools)

By Harry Baer Reprinted from The Chronicle, Volume XVII, No. 3, September 1964 We are all normally accustomed to thinking of tools as implements wholly beneficial to man’s wel­fare. Unfortunately, this is ndt always true. Tools used for a positive purpose have been, and can be, used for a negative purpose. It may, therefore, be …

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‘The Cork Cutter’

by William B. Sprague Reprinted from The Chronicle Volume 1, No. 7, September, 1934 Cork-cutting, according to Rivington ( 1827), was “one of the blackest and dirtiest of trades, and not very profit­able either for the master or the jour­neyman.” The early books do not go into great detail as to the exact methods used, …

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‘The Clogmaker’

by David G. Perch Reprinted from The Chronicle Volume 28, No. 4, December, 1975 One afternoon late last spring, I had a chance to experience a once-­in-a-lifetime sight. For two hours I watched a Dutchman go through the steps of making wooden shoes by the same method and using the same tools as those illustrated …

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‘Beekeeping Exhibit Open at Shelburne Museum’

This article is excerpted from The Chronicle, Volume X, December 1957 An exhibit of old-time beekeeping equipment i now open to the public at the Shelburne Museum in Shel­burne, Vermont. This collection of old and rare bee­hives and apiculturist’s tools is being sponsored by the Vermont Beekeeper Association in cooperation with the Museum. Fifty-five different …

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