18th C. House Wrights, Jointers & Carpenters: Bristol County, MA, part 2

Bristol County Documents Part Two

This fifth post of documents and deeds relating to Early American woodworking trades and craftsmen covers Part 2 of Bristol County, Massachusetts. Middlesex and Essex counties of Massachusetts were covered previously and Plymouth County will be next. As with Bristol part 1, most of these Bristol County documents are court records. All provide a name, a profession, a place and a time. It seems like these craftsmen were actively engaged in lawsuits….both as defendants and as plaintiffs. I have to wonder about Mr. Gallap being sued by a widow though.

1. The original spelling is retained if possible.
2. If the spelling or interpretation of a name is questioned, that entry is set apart using ( ).


1743 William Gallap, NS joyner Bristol Bristol MA
1744 David Burr, NS houswright Rehoboth Bristol MA
1745 Ebenezer Cobb, NS joyner Taunton Bristol MA
1791 Joseph Burt, NS shop joiner Taunton Bristol MA
1791 Cyril Peck and Miles Shorey, NS house rights Rehoboth Bristol MA
1798 Isaac Drake, S and William Davis, NS joiners Taunton Bristol MA

Table Note: NS denotes “not signed” and S denotes “signed”.


1743 Judgement against William Gallap of Bristol, in Bristol County Massachusetts, Joyner in a suit brought by Hannah Walker, widow for 3 pounds 11 shillings owed. Witnessed by Seth Williams and signed by Timothy Wales, clerk.

1743 William Gallap of Bristol, Joyner.

1744 David Burr of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Houswright recovered judgment against Claudia Dillis of Groton, New London County, Connecticut for 2 pounds 11 shillings and 3 pence. Witnessed by Seth Williams and signed by Timothy Wales, clerk.

1744 David Burr of Rehoboth, Houswright

1745 John Marshall of Freetown, Shipwright lost case against Ebenezer Cobb of Taunton, Bristol County, Joyner. 20 pounds old tenor is owed. Witnessed by Seth Williams and signed by Timothy Wales, clerk.

1745 Ebenezer Cobb of Taunton, Joyner.

1791 A memorandum documenting Joseph Burt of Taunton, Shop  Joiner as principal and Edward Burt of Taunton, yeoman as surety for 42 shillings. Complaint by Jacob Babbit of Taunton, Silversmith, charging that a silver bar worth 14 shillings had been taken by Joseph. Signed by Seth Padelford, Justice of the Peace.

1791 Joseph Burt of Taunton, Shop Joiner.

1791 A complaint against Cyril Peck and Miles Shorey of Rehoboth, House rights and William Doggett of Rehoboth, yeoman. It is charged that they interrupted the public worship of God, and with force and arms assaulted John Ellis of Rehoboth, minister of the First Precinct Meeting House. This is almost as bad a being in a suit against a widow.

1791 Cyril Peck and Miles Shorey of Rehoboth, House rights.

1798 Isaac Drake of Taunton, Bristol County, joiner with 40 dollars paid by William Davis of Taunton, Bristol County, joiner sells a small lot of land in Taunton. Signed by Foster (Levis), Joseph Swift and  Isaac Drake with a seal. Signed on reverse by Foster (Levis) JP and James Williams Reg. Also mentioned: Robert Crossman, Gershom Holmes, Isaac Washborn and Esq. Fales. 12 3/8″ by 7 7/8″.

1798 Isaac Drake and William Davis of Taunton, Joiners.


1798 Isaac Drake and William Davis of Taunton, Joiners. (reverse)


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