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American Anvils

Colonial American Anvils, a new EAIA blog by Clayton Ray. #blacksmiths #anvils

American Anvils An Unwritten Chapter in the Annals? by Clayton E. Ray I believe that a significant epoch of anvil-making in colonial North America has yet to be recognized and documented. Postman’s pioneering 1998…

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Working Wood

EAIA is a speaker sponsor for Colonial Williamsburg’s 20th Annual Working Wood Symposium this weekend. #colonialwilliamsburg #sapfm #peterfollansbee

Working Wood From turned, green wood chairs to elaborate marquetry pieces, pre-industrial furniture in America took many forms and sprang from numerous traditions. With each tradition came different sets of tools, shop structures, and approaches to solving problems in a common material: wood. For this, our 20th....

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Model Shop Chamfer Planes – Part II

In the continuing series on the Stanley Tool company Paul Van Pernis tells about the development of the chamfer plane.

Model Shop Chamfer Planes – Part II Part I of this post introduced you to Justus Traut’s patent No. 316,079 granted on April 21, 1885. This patent very clearly illustrated and described what became the Stanley #72 Chamfer Plane (See…

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10th KNITTING WEEKEND & Fiber Market

Knitting & Fiber Market weekend at Historic Slaters Mill in Pawtucket, RI #slatersmill #knitting #fibermarket

10th KNITTING WEEKEND & Fiber Market – – Wine & Cheese Reception – – Mingle, meet, and network with other fiber art practitioners and our Knitting Weekend participating artists. Begins at 6:30 p.m.

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Traut’s Model Shop Chamfer Planes – Part 1

A new blog about Traut’s chamfer planes from the Stanley Model Shop by Paul Van Pernis.

Traut’s Model Shop Chamfer Planes – Part 1 Justus A. Traut, worked for the Stanley Rule & Level Company for over 50 years, and churned out patent after patent from the time his first patent was issued on June 20th, 1865, until November …

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