• A Maritime Blacksmith of Lamu

    In my professional travels in developing countries, I’ve been amazed how analogous work methods are to those used in America in the early period of our trade history. Several years ago we had the opportunity to join our son in Kenya where he was finishing his junior year at UMass. As Peace Corps volunteers in […]

  • Branded Wooden Planes in India

    Branded Wooden Planes in India – American Analog….150 Years Later During my professional career I’ve spent much of my time overseas including a 3-year period running an engineering and construction company in India, many of the projects of which were in the south. Due to the 1100 mile commute back to my family in New […]

  • Colonial Industrial Quarter, Bethlehem, PA

    85th Years Young! EAIA’s 85th Anniversary Annual Meeting

    It may be hard to imagine right now in the depths of this long hard winter, but spring is coming and before we know it we’ll be gathering from all over the country for the 2018 Early American Industries Association Annual Meeting.  It’s EAIA’s 85th Anniversary, so come and celebrate with us in the Lehigh […]

  • American Anvils

    An Unwritten Chapter in the Annals? by Clayton E. Ray I believe that a significant epoch of anvil-making in colonial North America has yet to be recognized and documented. Postman’s pioneering 1998 book, “Anvils In America”, the first comprehensive coverage of the subject, provides a solid foundation for further research. Its greatest value is not […]

  • Traut's Patent Chamfer Plane & Model Shop Chamfer Plane 809x550

    Model Shop Chamfer Planes – Part II

    Part I of this post introduced you to Justus Traut’s patent No. 316,079 granted on April 21, 1885.  This patent very clearly illustrated and described what became the Stanley #72 Chamfer Plane (See Figure 1). The patent also included a drawing of the “spokeshave” style chamfer plane discussed in Part I (http://eaiainfo.org/2018/01/06/trauts-model-shop-chamfer-planes-part-1/).  For consistency, the […]

  • Traut's Chamfer Plane with Original Patent Papers

    Traut’s Model Shop Chamfer Planes – Part 1

    Justus A. Traut, worked for the Stanley Rule & Level Company for over 50 years, and churned out patent after patent from the time his first patent was issued on June 20th, 1865, until November 3, 1908, when his last patent was issued posthumously, almost eight months after his death.[1] Traut was just one of […]

  • William Patent "Universal Plane", Patented by Stephan Williams of Philadelphia in 1864

    Brown’s 51st International Antique Tool Auction

    Brown’s 51st International Antique Tool Auction was held on October 28th, 2017, at the Radisson Hotel in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.  There was active bidding in the room as well as from absentee bidders.  The prices realized that are listed in this post include a 13% buyer’s premium. Prices shown below enclosed in square brackets are […]

  • Plimoth Plantation

    The History of the Early American Industries Association

    Our Purpose:  The Early American Industries Association Preserves and Presents Historic Trades, Crafts, and Tools and Interprets Their Impact on Our Lives  The Early American Industries Association was founded in 1933 in the midst of the Great Depression.  The following is a summary of the early history of our organization. Loring McMillen who was Vice-President […]

  • Steam Engine at the National Museum of Industrial History

    EAIA’s 2018 Annual Meeting – Save the Dates!

    The 2018 EAIA Annual Meeting Will Be Wednesday, May 23rd thru Saturday, May 26th, 2018 – Save the Dates! Come and join us at the Early American Industries Association’s 85th Anniversary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and we’ll celebrate in style as we experience the industrial and cultural history of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and the equally fascinating […]

  • Covered Bridge at OSV

    A Picture Gallery From Old Sturbridge Village – The 2017 EAIA Annual Meeting

    What a fantastic 2017 Early American Industries Association meeting at Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts on May 17th thru May 20th!  We enjoyed a beautiful venue, sunny warm weather, amazing displays, wonderful lectures, workshops, auctions, great demonstrations, and fascinating displays.  We learned, had fun, relaxed, renewed old friendships and made new ones. We savored wonderful food […]

  • Stanley model Shop Planes with Metal Mouths, Title Image

    Metal Mouths and Faucet Handles

    From its inception the Stanley Rule & Level Company was very attentive to its customers needs and desires.  Their salesmen were instructed to listen carefully to comments and suggestions from their customers about the tools they manufactured and bring that information back to the foremen in the shop.  Because of the nature of the “inside […]

  • Model Shop #104 Liberty Bell Smooth Plane

    Panic, Patents, and Liberty Bell Planes

    This post is a bit longer than those I’ve written in the past, but I hope you’ll enjoy the story that’s in here about another interesting plane from the Stanley Model Shop. 1873 to 1879 were tough years for the Stanley Rule & Level Company as well as the rest of the U.S. economy.  The […]

  • Stanley #120 Prototype and Stanley #120 Type 1 Title Image

    #120 Model Shop Prototype Block Plane; From Evolution to Production

    It’s late in the year 1875, and Justus Traut and the men in his shop at Stanley Rule & Level Company are still diligently working on a cutter adjustment mechanism for the Stanley #110 block plane. Traut and Henry Richards, one of the “mechanics” working in Traut’s  shop, produced the block plane prototype shown in […]

  • 2017 Annual Meeting Activities

    You may have looked at the 2017 Annual Meeting on the events section of the EAIA website or on the blog and wondered what is included in each of the workshops, tours and presentation as you try to determine which of them many activities you’d like to sign up for. So we’ve put together the […]

  • 18th C. House Wrights, Jointers & Carpenters: Bristol County, MA, part 2

    Bristol County Documents Part Two This fifth post of documents and deeds relating to Early American woodworking trades and craftsmen covers Part 2 of Bristol County, Massachusetts. Middlesex and Essex counties of Massachusetts were covered previously and Plymouth County will be next. As with Bristol part 1, most of these Bristol County documents are court records. […]

  • Eastfield

    Historic Trades Sampler 2017

    The EAIA Eastfield Historic Trades Sampler will be held on Thursday, July 27th through Sunday, July 30, 2017, at Historic Eastfield Village, in East Nassau, New York. The Eastfield Historic Trades Sampler offers a sampling of trades with an opportunity to learn about them while completing a small project related to the craft. The program […]

  • Model Shop #110 Adjustable Block Plane Attributed to Justus Traut

    Justus Traut’s Early Adjustable #110 Block Planes

    As I told you in my last post, Stanley Rule & Level Company introduced the #110 non-adjustable block plane sometime in 1874.  The plane was derived from Justus Traut’s patent No. 159,865 granted on February 16, 1875.  Traut had sent in his patent application on November 13, 1874 at about the time Stanley started advertising […]

  • 18th C. House Wrights, Jointers & Carpenters: Plymouth County, MA

    Plymouth County Documents This post presents  documents and deeds relating to Early American woodworking trades and craftsmen and covers Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Bristol, Middlesex and Essex Counties of Massachusetts were covered previously. These documents cover nearly 100 years, from Queen Anne to King George the 2nd to President George Washington. Each of the documents provides a name, a profession, a place […]

  • Here is a closup of the runner pre-wet finish. The final product fulled beautifully!

    Getting started with Fiber Arts

    Hangin’ by a thread: Getting Started  “What hobbies are you interested in?” When I’m asked about hobbies and responds with “weaving” or “spinning,” there is usually a silence and/or a quizzical look. Recently, someone tried to explain to me that I could buy dishtowels at Walmart and wouldn’t that be easier?  A response to “spinning” […]

  • Bailey Victor Block Plane, Holly Block Plane, Traut #110 Block Plane 980x550

    Copy Cat Blocks and One From the Model Shop

    On July 6, 1852, Birdsill Holly was granted Patent No. 9,094 for a cast iron bench plane.  In addition to his cast iron bench planes he produced and sold two models of a cast iron block plane.  There are no individual patents for these block planes and they were manufactured for only about 8 years […]

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A Maritime Blacksmith of Lamu

In my professional travels in developing countries, I’ve been amazed how analogous work methods are to those used in America in the early period of our trade history. Several years ago we had the opportunity to join our son in Kenya where he was finishing his junior year at UMass. As Peace Corps volunteers in […]

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